jyou connection

Have you ever wondered who you are, why you are here and where you are going? 
Find out at JYC.

What is Junior Youth Connection (JYC)?
· A place for middle school students (age 11-14) to enjoy faith, fun and friends.
· ALSO, an exciting adventure for high school students (age 14-18) to be mentors and student leaders to middle school aged students to teach the Gospel and strengthen faith. (Community service hours will be granted.)

At JYC you will --

· Discuss and learn the truth about things that really matter and that are everlasting , such as hope, faith, salvation, joy, love, courage and more

· Learn more about Jesus Christ and His awesome Father in Heaven

· Participate in activities that will feed your faith

· Build genuine friendships

· Enjoy and share meaningful music

JYC is a safe place with leaders who care about you now and for your future.

To start a JYC at your Middle School Contact Us
(951) 234-4154 or email us at goodnewsclubsinlandvalley@yahoo.com

From an 8th grade student:

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