how to start a club

Thank you for your interest in starting a Good News Club at your local school and for your concern in touching the lives of children and the families in your community with the life-saving Gospel of Jesus Christ!

CONTACT INLAND VALLEY CEF DIRECTOR/ CHAPTER OFFICE to discuss plans for starting a new club by calling 951-234-4154 or by email to

After prayerfully considering starting a new Good News Club, CEF recommends attending our monthly teacher training sessions as well as visiting at least one existing club to observe and ask questions. Please introduce yourself and let the club coordinator/leader at the club you are visiting know that you are there to observe.

HOW TO PUT TOGETHER YOUR TEAM OF VOLUNTEERS: Every school club will be required to have at least 2 committed leaders: a coordinator, a teacher and several volunteers. The club leaders should be prepared to make a commitment for the entire school year and should have a substitute planned as early as possible if they are unable to attend a club. 

HELPERS/VOLUNTEERS: California State Law requires at least 1 helper per 20 children  to be present at the club.  It is the coordinator's responsibility to find helpers for their club.  You can request help by asking interested parents of children attending the school directly or by asking friends from church or Bible studies, etc. 

BACKGROUND CHECKS: CEF requires background checks on any and all volunteers to be cleared before helpers are allowed to help or teach in any capacity at your club. Background Check Forms can be obtained at the monthly CEF Teacher Training sessions. 

STATEMENT OF FAITH: CEF requires a signed Statement of Faith (SOF) for all teachers and helpers at the clubs. SOF copies should be given to all of your volunteers and returned to CEF Inland Valley Chapter Office. SOF Forms can be obtained at the monthly CEF Teacher Training sessions. 

PLAN A CALENDAR OF CLUB DATES: Obtain a copy of your school district's School Year Calendar to determine what dates may be good for having a school club at the school you desire.  Submit a copy of your proposed dates to CEF Inland Valley Chapter for discussion. It is recommended that monthly clubs are planned at least 2 weeks after the CEF Teacher Training Class (see below for schedule).  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are preferred club days for least holiday and school scheduling issues.

MEET WITH YOUR SCHOOL'S PRINCIPAL:  Set up a meeting with the principal and a CEF representative to introduce and discuss your desire  to have a Good News Club at their school.  At that meeting you can discuss if the principal would be receptive to hosting a club and, if so, moving forward by having CEF submit an application to the School District for the use of the school's Multi-Purpose Room/Facility.

PERMITS FOR FACILITY USE: Once you've met with the principal and your club dates have been determined, CEF will apply for a Facility Use Permit through your school district office. The District Office will submit the dates to the principal for official approval.  It is up to the discretion of the school principal to either approve or disapprove the request for a permit. After review the principal returns the Permit request to the District Office with a signature of approval or disapproval. Within a few weeks, CEF should receive the approved permit. 

GOOD NEWS CLUB TEACHER TRAINING CLASS: Members of your team are required to attend the bi-monthly CEF Teacher Training class. The lesson plan and curriculum is presented and teaching materials for each club are supplied at this time. All teachers, song leaders, coordinators and helpers are encouraged to attend.  

PRAYER SUPPORT: Contact the Mom’s in Prayer Leader for your school so that the group may hold you and your club up in prayer.  For information regarding who your MIP leader is, or questions about Mom’s in Prayer, visit the Mom's in Prayer International website.

CEF INLAND VALLEY has a prayer chain that we send out regularly via email. Please  submit prayer requests and praises for your club to and commit to pray for the requests on our prayer chain.

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