You can share the Gospel with Children

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There are many ways to serve and use your gifts for an opportunity to reach and share the Gospel with children.

If you are interested in knowing more about volunteering with any of our ministries or our training classes, please contact us at 951-234-4154, fill out the form, or email: [email protected]

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The Five Teaching Parts of a Good News Club

It is a privilege that God has chosen you to Evangelize and Disciple children about who He is, but the privilege of His work in our own lives as teachers must not be overlooked. As we prepare to teach, and as we teach, there is a great work that God desires to do in our own hearts as well. If we let Him, it will be what makes your teaching empowered and guided by the Holy Spirit.

Bible Lesson Teacher:

Gives the weekly 15-20 minute Bible lesson from the CEF Curriculum, with the use of visuals, weaving the Gospel through the progression of story events. Finalizing with a Gospel invitation to the saved and un-saved.


The Bible Teach would be the best counselor since they have just completed the lesson giving the invitation. Counseling for Salvation is a series of questions in order to find out what the child understands about God, the Need for Salvation, Way of Salvation, and Believing in Jesus as their personal Savior from Sin.

Memory Verse Teacher:

Follow the weekly lesson plan when teaching the current Memory Verse. A large visual print out of the verse will be placed where the children can see and follow along.

Song Teacher/Leader:

Using the large Song visuals go over the words in the song, explain meaning. Also engageing the students in key gospel questions. Uses visuals, action and lyrics to teach the weekly songs.

Missionary Story Teacher:

Why do we teach Missionary Stories? Jesus has called all of us to be missionaries to others right in our own neighborhoods, challenging the students to see what missionaries have done throughout history. Children are inspired by their true life stories.

Wonder Devotional Time Teachers:

Being a Wonder Devotional Teacher is a great blessing. Small group time allows for Teachers to get to know their students in a more personal way. Children are challenged to have their own quiet time.

Thank you for your commitment as you pray and ask the Lord to show you what Teaching part you would like to start with at the Good News Club. We are praying for you!